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Friday, August 24

After last night’s excitement at the Swiss evening, there was a choice of mornings for the girls. Either they could get up at 8am and have a packed breakfast at the waterfall at the end of the valley. Or they could sleep in and have a pyjama breakfast at 9.30am in the chalet. Unsurprisingly, only […]

Thursday, 23 August

Time is getting short – the week is flying by and there’s not much time for blogging. Today we walked to the wood carver where we picked up pre-ordered woggles and badges and browsed round the wonderful carved souvenirs on sale. Lots of people bought wooden coasters and key rings and Chris bought a short […]

Our drivers, Terry and Peter

Terry and Peter have a hard job. Nothing to do with driving a huge coach round narrow alpine roads, finding their way to numerous out-of-the way locations for our activities, or putting up with the din in the dining-room at mealtimes. No. The most difficult part of their job is keeping the peace over which […]

Wednesday, 22 August

The word “museum” seemed to have filled the girls with dread as we boarded the bus this morning, bound for Ballenberg. But the open air Ballenberg experience turned out to be more interesting than they thought and some even grudgingly admitted it had been “quite good”. That’s a great compliment from the teenagers in our […]

Tuesday, 21 August

A much more relaxed start to the day – but it was almost literally helter-skelter once we got going. The toboggan run at Kandersteg was today’s high octane destination and it didn’t disappoint. First there was a ride in a gondola-type cable car up to the start of the toboggan run. As we glided skywards, […]

Monday, 20 August

This has been a truly magical day. We visited the highest accessible point in Europe by taking a train ride up the Jungfrau mountain and sledged in the snow as the sun beamed down on the glacier. But perhaps more amazing than this was the fact that the Guides were up at 5.40am and having […]

Saturday, August 18

Synchronise watches, we’re in France! Off the ferry at around midnight, we settled down on the coach to watch the St Trinians dvd as our drivers, Terry and Peter began the long drive. The coach was cool and the journey smooth but it’s still really difficult to get comfy for long. Rosie claims to have […]

Ellen, Julia, Erin and Julia in the Toblerone shop at Basel

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Guides have arrived at the chalet

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Erin and Julia on the bus

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