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Cupcake Challenge – a recipe for success!

Cupcake Challenge – it’s selling like hot cakes!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded our activity pack and ordered badges. We’re delighted that lots of people are as cupcake crazy as us and want to take up this challenge.

We have just placed our fourth order with Webb Tolley badges, as the badges are proving so popular with Rainbows, Brownies and Guides across the country. Almost half of our original order has sold within less three weeks and since then, we’ve sold around 2500 badges. Lots of people seem to be using the Cupcake Challenge as a theme for camp or pack holiday.

We’ve posted them as far afield as Scotland and the Isle of Wight with plenty of others in between. The postman is intrigued!

Please get your orders in early if you want cupcake badges for the summer term. We’re expecting a new batch any day so there will be plenty to go round.

There is an order form at the back of the activity pack which you can download from the Cupcake Challenge page on the left.

The badges will be available until Christmas 2012.