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Cupcake Poetry – a tasty treat

Thanks so much to Alison and Jan Godbold and the 6th Alverstoke Guides from Hampshire who put pen to paper and came up with some Cupcake Challenge poetry while doing their badge.

Lots of people have varied the challenges to suit their unit but we don’t think anyone else has actually lapsed into verse to sing the praises of the glorious cupcake.

Well done girls – you can read their poems below


I love cupcakes,

Sitting on a plate,

Chocolate ones, jammie ones,

Hope they’re not out of date.


I love all the flavours,

Also all the colours,

Blue ones, pink ones,

But maybe not quavers.

 (By Charlotte, Emilia, Sophie, Melissa and Grace)


There’s a cupcake there,

In front of me,

It was made with care,

And looks so scrummy.


It’s covered with icing,

And has decorations,

It looks so enticing,

It’s for celebrations.

(By Natasha, Lottie, Laura and Molly)


Oh cupcake, oh cupcake,

I love to watch you bake,

With sprinkles on top,

You look so hot.

You look so sweet,

I can’t wait to eat,

Your icing is twirling

Gloopy and swirling.

When the timer dings,

The oven pings

You should say your goodbyes

It’s the last of your cries!


Creamy cupcake, you look so nice,

With all your sprinkles and ice.

Like a fairy you really twinkle,

Creamy cupcake with your sprinkles.

Creamy cupcake you sit there sad,

Hoping someone will make you glad,

Wishing someone would like to eat,

This yummy scrummy tasty treat.