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Switzerland 2016 – Sunday 7 August

It’s the second day and we’ve had an amazing adventure already

After a chilled evening and yummy spag bol dinner yesterday, we woke up surrounded by picturesque mountains… the view looks like it’s come straight from IMG_0467IMG_2808a postcard!

We jumped onto a cable car which took us up a mountain that had an amazing high ropes climbing tower with a beautiful panoramic view at the top. We spent two and a half hours there swinging and balancing across obstacles, bridges and surfboards – the girls had lots of fun.IMG_2812

After a ride down the steep cable car we went to the local outdoor swimming pool for a very refreshing break from the Swiss heat. Lots of jumping in and splashing about for a few hours, then home for sausage and mash!

Looking forward to our day of tobogganing tomorrow.IMG_2839