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The day before we go

Just a few hours before that final breakfast, that last night in your own bed and your ultimate evening in front of the telly.

Hopefully, by now everyone is more or less packed and just waiting for the day itself to dawn before stowing away the toothbrush and teddy!

It’s going to be hot

It looks like the weather will be as sweltering in Europe as it is likely to be in the UK this weekend so please pack plenty of drinks and have your sun glasses and hats handy on the coach.  We do have air con on the coach – hurray!

It might not be a bad idea to travel in three-quarter length trousers rather than jeans, as the temperature for Switzerland on Saturday is currently forecast to be around 32 degrees on Saturday.

Click on the link below for the revised kit list if you need to double check you have got everything and can’t quite locate that piece of paper!

Have a good last sleep in the UK and see you all on Friday.