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Schilthorn Cable Car

We had a change of plan today – thanks to the weather.

Rain is forecast for Friday, the day we were due to visit the Schilthorn peak by cable car, so we switched the programme and visited the mountain today.

At the summit sits the revolving restaurant featured in the Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Not many people in our group were old enough to have seen the film first time around, but the setting was grand enough to impress even the most cynical teenager!

It took four cable car rides to get to the Piz Gloria at the top of the mountain. The temperature in the valley was around 32C and it dropped to 16C at the top – but still felt boiling hot as we sat on the mountain slopes eating our lunch.

As we picnicked, marvelling at the breathtaking view, we noticed lots of parascending nutcases jump off the slopes nearby and catch the thermals as they soared on parachutes above our heads.

The Guides described the view as “extraordinary”, “surreal” and “breathtaking” and lots of them said the mountains looked like cardboard cut-outs against a film backdrop.

After a quick ice cream stop at the village of Murren half way down the mountain, we set off for the Trummelbach Falls.

Melt water from nearby mountains, including the Schilthorn and the Jungfrau, surges through the rock formations at 20,000 litres per second. The Guides’ word to describe the falls was “awesome” and we all felt very small compared to the incredible force of nature we witnessed.

Sausages for tea – the end to a perfect day!