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Saturday, August 18

Synchronise watches, we’re in France!

Off the ferry at around midnight, we settled down on the coach to watch the St Trinians dvd as our drivers, Terry and Peter began the long drive.

The coach was cool and the journey smooth but it’s still really difficult to get comfy for long.

Rosie claims to have had eight hours’ sleep but we don’t really believe her!

We stopped in Luxembourg in the wee small hours to fill up with diesel and swapped notes on how little sleep we’d got.

Back on the bus, we all fell asleep really well until the bright sunshine woke us up around7am.

We stopped at Basel at 9am and had a long break, eating our breakfast in the restaurant, next to a whole shop full of giant Toblerone bars. Back on the coach, and the Sound of Music popped up on the dvd player. The drivers pretended to be unimpressed but we heard them humming along to “Raindrops on Roses”…

Chris shed a tear as we drove up into the Swiss mountains while Captain Von Trapp gently sang Eidelweiss. An emotional moment after nearly two years of planning this trip.

After another brief stop, we arrived at Tracshel 2, our chalet in Adelboden at 12.40pm. It is beautiful – surrounded by fantastic alpine scenery and very picturesque.

We unpacked and squeezed everything in to the rooms – good job we haven’t quite brought the kitchen sink!

A scenic walk and a dip in the cool waters of the open air swimming pool restored us to full excitement and we enjoyed a tasty tea of spaghetti bolognaise, served up by our lovely catering team.

It was gorgeous to stretch out on a real bed – very comfy mattresses and cool air to help us sleep.