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Wednesday, 22 August

The word “museum” seemed to have filled the girls with dread as we boarded the bus this morning, bound for Ballenberg.

But the open air Ballenberg experience turned out to be more interesting than they thought and some even grudgingly admitted it had been “quite good”. That’s a great compliment from the teenagers in our party!

The museum stretched over several hundred acres and had been set out to show the history and culture of Switzerland. We saw many different styles of chalet buildings, some dating back hundreds of years, and witnessed at first hand some of the traditional Swiss crafts and skills, such as basket weaving, Alpine horn playing and wood carving.

There were shops to visit, selling sausages, cheese, bread and souvenirs and it was relaxing just sitting in the shade, soaking up the atmosphere, on yet another boiling hot day.

The chocolate-making demonstration turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to the girls, as they couldn’t taste as much chocolate as they liked. But they did get a free teddy-shaped truffle. Lots of them bought bars of chocolate to take home – it remains to be seen whether those bars survive long enough to be shared with family and friends.

Home for a quick tea then out to the ice disco tonight. The thunder is rolling around the valley again, but so far no more torrential rain.