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Our drivers, Terry and Peter

Terry and Peter have a hard job.

Nothing to do with driving a huge coach round narrow alpine roads, finding their way to numerous out-of-the way locations for our activities, or putting up with the din in the dining-room at mealtimes.

No. The most difficult part of their job is keeping the peace over which dvds or iPod tracks to play.

The leaders, for some reason, are not particularly keen on loud rock, rap music or singalong High School Musical. The girls are not terribly fond of companionable silence.

So, it falls to Terry and Peter to referee between the two camps, striking a compromise and keeping the peace.

Our drivers, who joined our holiday at Thurrock on the way down to Dover, are just fantastic. Terry has been here many times over the years and knows his way round better than the locals.

He comes along when we buy tickets and makes sure we have the best deal going. He stops people pushing in front of us in the queue and even texts our Jeka rep for us when we run out of porridge – not to mention Pimms!

Peter just gets on with the driving!

If they ever give up bus driving, they could take up a new career as stand-up comedians.