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Friday, August 24

After last night’s excitement at the Swiss evening, there was a choice of mornings for the girls.

Either they could get up at 8am and have a packed breakfast at the waterfall at the end of the valley.

Or they could sleep in and have a pyjama breakfast at 9.30am in the chalet.

Unsurprisingly, only three girls made it to the waterfall breakfast, although the gentle climb up the picturesque riverside was also enjoyed by seven leaders.

The weather this morning was a bit more familiar – dull, overcast and with the odd spot of drizzle. But that didn’t last long and we all felt we’d earned our jam sandwiches when we stopped on a handy bench near the impressive 600m Engstligen falls, the second longest in Europe.

Back at the chalet, the leisurely breakfast had turned into a packing session as the girls were chivvied into starting the Big Clear Up.

Dangling like a carrot was the prospect of visiting Adelboden for swimming and shopping that afternoon – but ONLY on the proviso that everyone’s kit was 90% packed for the journey home.

The weather perked up a lot for the afternoon and both shoppers and swimmers enjoyed a fair chunk of sunshine.

After dinner, we settled down for our awards evening during which the leaders gave out certificates to all the girls and received some lovely thank-you gifts and cards. Hankies at the ready, it’s getting rather emotional as the week draws to a close!